Flick Typing Master LITE

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개발자: Chocol Mobile
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Flick Typing Master is Training App of Flick Typing using Japanese Keyboard.
(QWERTY Keyboard Supported.)

It comes to be able to type by one hand at high speed very strongly compared
with the QWERTY input when progressing.

This app is a stage composition according to two approaches of the unit of the key
and each direction of the flick in which the flick input can surely be efficiently
mastered. Moreover, it is possible to practice by the difficulty for the middle
class and the senior in using the Touch Typing Mode.

✓ Touch Typing Mode(Flick Keyboard & QWERTY Keyboard)
✓ QWERTY Keyboard supported
✓ Score & Typing Speed Auto Leveling Graph
✓ Text Data (Not only word)
✓ Manuscript form style
✓ Landscape Mode
✓ BGM Using iPod Library
✓ Create Playlist

【Difference of Full version】
✓ Fixed of data char number.
・STAGE1-1,1-2 of Training Mode is same as Full Version.
・Other STAGEs Display Data Num is 32 or 16.

※:The screen shot is Full version.